Midlife Monologues

At age 57, I gave birth… to Midlife Monologues. 

Midlife is a hot. It makes perfect sense. Women are living longer. We go through a multitude of transitions in our lifetimes and the arc of a woman’s life is changing.

Importantly, more women than ever are talking about Perimenopause, the time leading up to Menopause that starts on average at 41 and can last up to 10 years. I founded Hot In Charleston based on my own experience in Perimenopause, the physical and emotional challenges but also the excitement of what comes next.

It’s time we talk about midlife in new ways. That’s what Midlife Monologues is all about. 

Midlife Monologues is a theatrical literary event — an intergenerational showcase featuring women artists from every decade and genre — with PURE Theatre, a leading regional contemporary theatre based in Charleston.

Our show is part of a larger cultural movement to redefine midlife in all its potential for women everywhere: in the family, in the workplace and in our collective imagination. 

I’m an essayist. There’s a saying that goes, “You tell me your story and somehow I get mine.” Storytelling is a huge part of how change happens.

HotInCharleston and PURE Theatre created a groundbreaking showcase on the arc of a woman’s journey, featuring artists in every decade from the stage to the page, to spark a dialogue on Midlife.