Read about the deeply personal experiences that led actress Naomi Watts and writer Kerri Devine to join the Menopause Mandate cause, raising awareness and support for millions of women facing this confusing and challenging life transition

Kerri joins the iconic mag’s convo on Perimenopause

A feature on Kerri’s Showcase, Midlife Monologues, staged with PURE Theatre

A review of Midlife Monologues by art critic, Maura Hogan

A feature on Kerri’s midlife mantra, Spring Forward

Coverage of the breakthrough arts showcase, Midlife Monologues

Kerri hosts World Menopause Day with leading memoirists and physicians



Join me as I peel back the layers of midlife with Charlotte Edwards.

“Having Kerri as a guest on The Seed Project Podcast was a delight. Her commitment to shedding light on midlife struggles and building a supportive community is inspiring. It’s comforting to know that others share similar experiences, and Kerri’s platform offers a space for women to connect, find humor, and empower one another. It is such a blessing during this phase of life.” – Charlotte Edwards

I was pleased to join the peri conversation on the pod. Listen to my discussion with Hello, Hot Flash! influencer and podcaster, Stephanie Shaw, on the power of storytelling in midlife. View clips from our conversation below.

Embracing Selfishness

The Power of Narrative

Kerri Devine talks to Emmy winning journalist Carolyn Murray about the journey of midlife and the power of the arts to inform the community and inspire others.

Let’s Talk with Kerri Devine, producer of literary theatrical showcase Midlife Monologues

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Hot in Charleston Hosts Inaugural World Menopause Day at Gibbes Museum on October 17, 2022.

Interview with Hot In Charleston founder, Kerri Devine.


Kerri Devine, essayist and producer of literary theatrical showcase Midlife Monologues appears on Ohm Radio Just Imagine.

Kerri talks about the arc of a woman’s life, the journey of midlife, and the need for women to rediscover themselves, unbound from the roles they have held for others.

Just Imagine with Stephanie Hunt & Eliza Ingle October 9, 2022.

Essayist Kerri Devine shares thoughts on the in-between times—midlife, motherhood, and menopause—with award-winning writer, Cinelle Barnes.